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Puncture Repairs


Flat Tyre?

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We can carry out puncture repairs on most car tyres, as long as the tyre is serviceable (not excessively worn, perished or been run on flat) and the puncture is within the repairable area. This is done by chemically bonding a mushroom shaped plug patch to the tyre's inner lining.

Where is the repairable area?

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The repairable area is the central 3/4 of the breadth of the tread.

Repairs outside of this area are not recommended as there are no reinforcing steel cords making it a weak area for repairs. Also this outside area is near the side wall where alot of flexing takes place making it possible for the repair plug to become detatched from the inner lining.

If you would like the book your vehicle in for a punture repair or for any other enquiries, please contact us at

Ilfracombe Tyres Jubilee 77 Garage on 01271 862229

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